Sunday, March 05, 2006

Science Update : India

Recent Developments

A group of Indian researchers, Pankaj Joshi of TIFR, his student Rituparna Goswami, and Parampreet Singh of Pennsylvania State University, have found and proposed an experimental test for the quantum theory of gravity. "Validating quantum gravity is a necessary step in having a unified theory of forces of nature" says Dr. Joshi. We may also remember the "Primes is in P" paper by Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal, and Nitin Saxena of IIT-Kanpur. Or, even the work of Abhas Mitra of BARC.

Science and Society:
  • Scientists have isolated anti-malarial compounds from Mussels, and these can be prepared without killing the Mussel. The discovery came from a team led by Dr Anil Chatterji of NIO. Shreya Life Sciences, a Mumbai based company has the right to commercial production of the compounds.
  • Even as progress is made in medicine, you would think a patient can't be blamed for not responding to treatment!

  • The Indian Budget for the Fiscal year 2006 has allocated 16% of GDP for endeavors in Science and Technology. As part of this, chosen universities will receive large research award to develop and nourish scientific programs.
  • President Kalam has exhorted the scientific community to engage in finding and developing alternative sources of energy on the National Science day. He envisions an energy independent India by 2030.
  • Hyderabad has now become the Genome Valley of India, one of the largest such bio-technology facility in the world. The facility will house among other things an international life sciences institute, a world-class animal resource facility and a biotech incubation centre for start-ups.

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