Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quails, the American Passion

I have nothing particular in mind writing this except for a strange coincidence of listening to Tom Wolfe reading about his book 'A Man in Full' and the Dick Cheney's quail shooting incident. The reading session was in the November of 1998.

In the audio file, if you listen to the first 5 minutes, Tom remarks...

He starts talking about private jets and then starts to say: "There seems to be the new Expensive American Passion. In Georgia 10 thousand, 20 thousand sometimes 50 thousand acres of land dedicated to shooting quails. ... You can have only two shooters at a time, as the birds don't fly over, but burst out of the tall grass in every possible direction. If you had 3 or more, you could have hunters shooting each other than the quails..."

Have fun!

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sowmya said...

That is indeed funny :-)