Monday, November 12, 2007

Reality Realised

Iran plans to crack down on vice: which includes decadent films, drugs, and alcohol. The campaign has the blessing from the Supreme Leader: Ayatollah Khomenei.

as any good first step involves, they are going for the biggest of threats to society: women's clothing.

should people start paying attention to Ayaan Hirsi Ali?


Id it is said...

Yet Iran is also the country to have produced a Laleh Seddigh; so personally i think there is shope of "Reading Lolita in Tehran"!

bharath said...

I didn't know about Laleh Seddigh. I checked out wiki and found this comment attributed to her:

"Every time I want to practice or make a test drive, the track staff ask me for a letter of permission -- even though I am the captain of the Proton speed team. Men never have this kind of hassle."

Lets hope modernity wins the battle with the supreme ayatollah. whats sacry is:

(from the article:) In the last six months, tens of thousands of women have been warned or arrested because of their clothes.