Tuesday, February 07, 2006

$100 Laptops and Newton's Dog

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been working on a new kind a laptop: one that costs $100, works on opensource Operating System and software, run by a 500MHz processor and has a 1GB Flash RAM instead of a hard drive. It is said that the target price is likely to come down once the product goes into production. The laptops will not be available for the general public to purchase.

Kofi Annan, while unveiling the first prototype in the World Summit on the Information Society, said "It holds the promise of major advances in economic and social development. But perhaps most important is the true meaning of 'one laptop per child.'"

MIT Tech Talk covers the lap-top project (pdf file)

The project website

The World Summit Coverage on MIT press

This is old news, but something worth covering. Also in the same vein I would like you to check out: Newton and the Walking Dog by Balaji for more than one reason. It takes a non-text-bookish approach to understanding the Newton laws (what is there to know about it?). The presentation is aimed at secondary school children, but it has surprises irrespective of the "level" of the reader. It costs only Rs. 150. The author is one of the finest people I have met. He also leads the AID India team. I will post a review soon (watch this space!)

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