Friday, February 24, 2006

Scian Melt Nominations

The next Melt will be hosted on this blogspot page on March 1st. You can find more about The Melt here. If you have written a blog page on Science and/or India, you can make your nominations to melt [at] thescian [dot] com. The previous one, the 13th one, is hosted here.

The following places also carry further announcements and information: at shallow thgts and at Scian


12:NeoSagredo, 11:Shallowthgts, 10:Kyun, 9:Reflections, 8 and 7:Scian, 6:Geomblog, 5:Patrix, 4:Tiffinbox, 3:Sel.Amnesia, 2:Rathod, 1:Scian

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