Friday, February 17, 2006

Mirror Mirror ...

I found this problem in No Ordinary Genius by Christopher Sykes. It's pretty easy.

You look in a mirror, and let's say you part your hair on the right side. You look in the mirror, and your image has its hair parted on the left side, so the image is left-to-right mixed up. But it's not top-to-bottom mixed up, because the top of the head of the image is there at the top, and the feet are down at the bottom. The question is: how does the mirror know to get the left and right mixed up, but not the up and down?

--Question Posted by Richard Feynman

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Sowmya said...

I was intrigued too, so what is the explanation??

bharath said...

you may have to wait a bit for the answer. I think I have it.

Bringabrahma said...

coz mirror just reflect your whole lenth no?

it doesn't have the ability to alter?


my few cents

Anonymous said...

justask the person in the mirror..

Sowmya said...

here is what I found on the Mirror problem