Friday, March 30, 2007

Electric car timeline

Time line for 'Electric Car design' dates back to 1834 when Thomas Davenport invented a car run on non-rechargeable batteries. Thomas Davenport was the first to hold patent on Electric car design. His auto shop where he did this work is still preserved in Forestdale, Vermont.

for the full time line see the Who killed the Electric Car movie page from Sony Classics.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history, Arabs will be begging for food because massive amounts of oil will be history when the electric car catches on. Detroit does have a fully operational model, not some go cart with a battery put together by a Gyro Gearloose nutty professor.

The electric care will evolve to where you don't plug it in like some Mickey Mouse cartoon. The car battery will re-charge itself. It is entirely reasonable to expect the perfected electric car to be driven across the country.