Monday, March 05, 2007

SUVs and Monster trucks

Reasons for not buying a SUV:
  • The environmental damage is very significant.
  • Even if it buys safety for the owner, in any accident it will inflict greater damage to the family in the other car.
  • The mileage is very low. The CAFE standards has a very interesting history. In 1979 the standards for passenger cars was at 18mpg and and for light trucks at 17mpg. S.U.Vs introduced in the 90's got classified as light trucks and since then the standard has nudged its way up to 21 mpg today. The passenger car standards have increased up to 27 mpg. The low price of oil in U.S helped a surge in market share for S.U.Vs.
Today GM still advertises "at least 30mpg cars" on their website, when most competitors have gone way past that mark and the future looks to 100mpg cars.

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