Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Breast Cancer detection

American Cancer Society recommends MRI scan over Mammogram for patients who may have high risk of breast cancer. From the Star Tribune pages:

On the mammogram, there was no sign that Carla Meyers had breast cancer. But last November, she had an exam with an MRI, a more powerful imaging device that shows far more details. And that's how her tumor was spotted. [news link]

also from the same article ...
"We've had several patients call in and cancel their mammograms, saying 'I want to have a breast MRI instead,' " said Dr. Audrey Caine, medical imaging director of the HealthEast Breast Cancer Center at St. John's Hospital in Maplewood. ... MRIs cost $1,500 to $2,000, 10 times as much as a mammograms, and have a high rate of false alarms. MRIs use computerized magnets and radio waves, rather than radiation, to produce images of the body's organs.
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Id it is said...

Yup. MRI is now the new contender. I'm just curious to see how this country is going to handle the large turnout of women who will now be in line to schedule an MRI. I believe we don't have enough facilities to do the needful.

Anonymous said...

Breast Cancer detection
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Breast Cancer detection

bharath said...

some I know. some I didn't. and for that. thanks! maybe a post from on these myths would be wonderful. i mean, an elaborate post wud be nice.